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Technical requirements

to use the mobile apps as well as the use of the apps, the following requirements must be met:

1. Access to the Internet via browser for the Equipment portal / Webshop

In order to access the web portals such as the backend, the Equipment portal and the Webshop, an existing Internet connection using a current browser is required.

Browser recommendations for using the service portal / webshop

In order to be able to use the digital solutions optimally, we recommend that you use the latest versions of the browsers listed below. The adaptation of the service portal and the webshop to future browser versions is a fixed part of our in-house development.

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • MacOS: Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

2. Smartphone and current operating system for using the apps

To use the Inspection / Inspection+ and Inventory App, a smartphone with internet with access to the latest version of the Appstore or Playstore and the correspondingly latest version of the operating system from the manufacturer is required. Nevertheless, the smooth functioning including all functions of the apps cannot be guaranteed on all devices. For this reason, we recommend the following devices and operating systems for which we can provide the warranty:

Recommended devices and operating systems for using the apps 

In general, we recommend the following devices for smooth use of the Inspection and Inspection+ app:

  • iPhone SE (2nd Gen, 2020) or later 

  • iPad (8th Gen, 2020) (or iPad Air 3 (2019)) or newer. 

This is because some functionality may not be guaranteed on older devices, as the app interacts with the respective operating system, which should be at least iOS 12 at the current state (Q3/22). iOS 12 is possible with the above hardware at the current state.

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