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possible error patterns in the equipment portal

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Missing registration/authorization for the equipment portal

Message Wrong credentials, please try again

If the user has not been created in the resource portal, he or she will receive the following message when attempting to log in

"wrong credentials, please try again".

This message does not indicate whether the user:

  • merely entered his user data incorrectly

  • has not yet been created in the backend for access to the BMP

  • has been created in the backend for access to the BMP, but has not completed the registration after receiving the registration mail.

Any user from their organization can find out if the desired user has already been created by following these instructions:

Based on these instructions, it is now possible to grant authorization to the user who is to be given access to the resource portal.

In case there is no backend user in your organization yet, please contact your Carl Stahl contact person.

If the user was created correctly and the registration was completed correctly, it is assumed that the user data was entered incorrectly. If the user data is repeatedly entered in vain, we recommend requesting a new password by clicking on "Forgot password".

White screen after logging into the resource portal

The rare case when a user finds only a white, completely empty page after successfully logging in to the resource portal indicates an error during the creation process in the backend.

In this case, the user was created correctly, but the authorization group "Read basic", which is automatically assigned to every newly created user, was removed.

This case is unlikely, but technically possible in case of improper operation.

To resolve the issue, please contact a backend user in your organization.

The procedure for assigning authorization groups in the backend can be found here:,usersettings-Usersettings-Tab%E2%80%9CGroups%E2%80%9Dforchangingauthorizationgroups

Information about the authorization groups can be found here:

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