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Release notes / Updates within the systems

28.02.2024: Resources Portal / Backend Update

  • Bug fixing: Multiple downloads of certificates when using the 'Download Certificates' tile

  • Bug fixing: Resolved the issue with bulk actions in the tiles 'Equipment Due for Inspection' and 'Inspection Preview'

15.01.2024: Resources Portal / Backend Update

  • Bug fixing: downloading inspection certificates for a specific time period

  • Bug fixing: problem with deleting equipments in mass is solved

  • Product picture was added to the QR code website of equipments

14.12.2023: Resources Portal / Backend Update

24.08.2023: Resources Portal / Backend Update

05.07.2023: Equipment Portal / Backend Update

  • New colour and font in the portal

  • Automatically linked documents were not displayed on page 2.

  • Name of the link to the external help centre was adjusted.

  • Wrong number of EQ in Excel download in some tiles.

  • Changed the name of the certificate downloader order (optionally added).

  • Error message when a user changes tabs was removed.

04.05.2023: Resources Portal / Backend Update

  • Help centre linked directly at the top of the resource portal

  • Document types at the functional location now available in all languages

  • Some translations added

  • Backend: menu can be folded in

  • Adaptation of the Swiss legal notice in the certificate

30.03.2023: Equipment portal / Backend Update

  • New legal sentence logic in the certificate. The legal sentence now refers to the country in the functional location that was initially maintained by the Carl Stahl employee. This allows Austrian customers to receive a legal sentence in the certificate that is adapted to Austrian law.

  • Preparation for customer management of individual object types: e.g. default storage of a standard legal notice that applies to all customer-specific object types.

02.03.2023: Equipment portal / Backend Update

  • Fixed an error in the "Read inventory" permission, as this permission group also held other inventory permissions despite the name read

13.02.2023: Equipment portal / Backend Update

  • Damage images printed on the test certificate again. After the new PDF printing service, which generates the test certificates more reliably and faster, was launched in the summer of 2022, the damage images that the Carl Stahl inspector had attached to the test were not printed in the certificate, but could only be called up and saved in the portal at the test itself. With this update the PDF is now again including images.

  • textual and visual adaptation of the user deletion log, which is sent for confirmation when a user is deleted

  • textual and visual adaption of the registration mail to have all relevant information quickly at hand

  • textual adjustment of the login mask in the portal

21.10.2022: Equipment portal / Backend Update

  • Neue function: Release of the QR Code on the equipment (Requirement: authorization group “Schreiben Plus” = Write Plus)

  • User management now also available for customers. This means that customers can assign rights and authorizations to colleagues in the company, add new colleagues, adjust existing ones and also delete them again through their own user administrator. If this is of interest to you, please contact your Carl Stahl representative to get access to the user management.

22.09.2022: Equipment portal / Backend Update

  • Neue language: Finnish

21.09.2022: Inspection+ Update

  • Improved synchronization between the app and the equipment portal, so that checks by Carl Stahl employees are available in the equipment portal more quickly and reliably.

07.09.2022: Equipment portal / Backend Update

  • Neue language Swedish

  • In the backend, checklists with different legal sentences (= sentence that will be printed on the inspection certificate, such as "The inspection was performed according to the manufacturer's specifications") can be added - authorization to the Checklists menu required.

  • Document linking in automatic equipment assessment: Some equipment is automatically assessed by Carl Stahl in the equipment portal. These can now also directly contain an operating manual, declaration of conformity and product image.

  • 2 factor authentication in the backend can be reset by Carl Stahl support.

  • Error correction in warranty and expiration date field

  • Language selection and control during registration instead of German interface only

  • Salutation now only optional field when adding users. Unfortunately currently with error: The field is not changeable in the equipment portal at the moment.

15.08.2022: Webshop Update

  • Implementation of a sitemap

  • Optimization of the filter function --> if filtered by a certain characteristic e.g. make = "ABUS" only those values are displayed when selecting the next filter characteristics, e.g. "nominal diameter", which also exist for the make "ABUS". So a relation between the individual filters was made.

    Upload process of product pictures was accelerated

  • Sending of an e-mail to with participant and seminar data as soon as a technical seminar has been booked via the webshop

  • Updating of the terms and conditions

  • Translation of some static pages on the Austrian website (Services)

  • Implementation of a shipping notification on goods issue for webshop orders

  • Cross-sector filter features in the store are now displayed in full when the filter feature is clicked on. Longer or previously abbreviated cross-area filter features are now displayed more transparently.

25.07.2022: Webshop Update

  • The Finnish store channel has been implemented and can now be found in the country selection as a separate website/webshop.

  • Several linking errors on the website have been fixed

  • Correct location display in the automatic order confirmation emails of the webshop

  • OCI interface - transfer of classification system and corresponding number

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) generation of a sitemap.xml - a document showing which pages of the website are available in which countries and languages. This document is provided to Google, which displays the correct pages as search results in the respective countries. This is to prevent, for example, that a user searching in Germany gets a search result suggested that links to the Austrian webshop.

  • Units of measure are now translated correctly in the English language channels (e.g. PCE instead of ST).

06.07.2022: Equipment portal / Backend Update

  • 2 factor authentication in backend via email or smartphone app

  • Bugfix: Search for Tech-ID incl. minus does not lead to correct equipment  

  • Bug fix: Duplicate technical places removed

  • Background optimizations for the synchronization process with the Inspection+ app

  • New line in user creation: language selection

01.07.2022: Webshop Update

  • Integration of the new payment service provider Stripe (credit card payments will be processed through this in the future).

  • Removal of PayPal as a payment option

  • the shipping costs will be "printed" on the webshop mails in the future (especially important in countries where we charge shipping costs, e.g. USA)

  • notice system was placed in the footer of the website

  • Rollout of the Danish webshop

  • Parent filter settings are now carried over to lower levels again

  • Splitting of product pages - only possible in the mobile store version - is now possible again in the variant table as well as on product level

17.05.2022: Equipment portal / Backend Update

  • New PDF printing service for test certificates to ensure smooth generation of test certificates

  • User deletion log PDF: When a user is deleted, the PDF is sent to the user who made the deletion for confirmation.

  • Linking of terms of use and privacy policy in the footer of the equipment portal

  • Bug fixing for Excel export from the tile "Locked equipment" in the equipment portal

  • Bugfix: Deletion of equipment images possible again.

Further Release notes in the past aren’t detailled here.

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